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The four rearing method labelling scheme tiers:

A look, a touch: consumers should not need more to make an informed choice when buying meat products. However, as the number of seals that provide information about animal welfare continues to grow each year, this is not always an easy task. The uniform, four-tier rearing method labelling scheme should help here. This food labelling scheme for meat products can be found across almost all retailers – from major supermarkets to discount stores. It provides transparent and reliable information about the conditions in which the animals are kept.
There are different criteria behind each of the four tiers. You can find out more about them HERE . The classification from 1 to 4 indicates the level of animal welfare – from Tier 1 Indoor to Tier 4 Premium. The aim of this scheme is to make it easier for you, as a consumer, to see the conditions the animals were kept in and to decide which products will end up in your shopping basket. You can find out which animal welfare seals are already included in the labelling scheme HERE  .

Download the levels oft the Haltungsform HERE .

Stand: Oktober 2022


Participants from the food retail and gastronomy sectors are:

A detailed overview of all participants from the food retail and gastronomy sectors can be found here HERE.

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